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Dongguan KingJie Plastic Moulding Limited

Dongguan KingJie Plastic Moulding Limited founded in 2018, located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, China. Our business scope include plastic mould and moulding,Hardware and sheet metal, CNC machining,Die casting & Assembly. Meanwhile, we offer superior surface finish, such as painting, Powder coating, Chrome plating, Screen Printing, etc. With the rich experience in mold manufacturing. Our products are widely applied in the fields of Electronics, House Appliances, Tele-communication, Medical Equipment and Automotive etc. Business Scope: 1) Plastic Injection Moulds and Molding, including over-molding, double-color-injection (2K) molding 2) Hardware and sheet metal product 3) CNC machinning product 4) Silicone product 5) Die Casting Molds and Castings, for material Aluminum Alloy & Zinc Alloy.